Thursday, 19 February 2015

Progress Thursday 19th February 2015

Dear all,

A day of pouring rain, only to brighten up as the last car was pulling out of the car park! Those who may have been watching on the webcams today could have been forgiven for thinking that there had been some kind of major incident at Wirksworth, but everything is fine. Honest! We hosted quite a few officers of the British Transport Police as they used the areas around the station and yard for training exercises. Some of these officers are based quite a long way away and indeed one van was from Wales.

Another test customer was on site as well today with a rather moody road/rail machine. It seemed to have the sniffles and required attention several times in the heavy rain.

The Buffet was open for the test customers and Police on site today and did reasonably well out of it. The Booking Office had a bit of a tidy up whilst dealing with calls and the like.

The LMSCA took delivery of a blanket-like thing which one assumes is to wrap up the water tank with.

The PWay team were at Duffield working on the RRAP again, and Breeze took a trip back up to Wirksworth in the afternoon.