Thursday, 12 February 2015

Progress Thursday 12th February 2015

Dear all
I am most happy to report that today's testing with Sophie went extremely well and my thanks go to Rob, Joe and Graham for ensuring we had very happy customers. The Class 31 and LMS Brakevan formed an unusual load for Sophie, Battery Locomotive No5, as the customer established a life cycle for the new batteries under load.
Their activities are shown on this video clip My thanks go to Julie who ensured the foot crossing between the Wirksworth platforms was closed as the test consist passed many times.
We also had a half term service day with the "Bubble Car" with surprisingly good loads considering we had a dull, cold day. The PWT engaged themselves in technical stuff surveying the optimum trajectory of the proposed new Maintenance Facility siding and the repositioning of the fuel tank and waste oil store with the appropriate bunding. A start was made to dig out and load spoil from the track bed of this new project. The M1M tended to the new electrics on their SK and the LMSCA secured the flooring of the guards compartment of their BSK. Down south Duffield saw further removal of material from the road/rail access point in preparation for its lowering.
The EVRA shop, Model Railway, Booking Halls and Pullman Buffet Car supported today's activities.
A most satisfactory and profitable day. I am also most grateful to shareholders who have responded to our latest plea for funds as, amongst our many other desirable projects, the wheels are turning to obtain the Transport & Works Act Order that will finally enable us to be master of our own destiny. The first official notices have been placed which will no doubt tease out some testing and trying responses!