Saturday, 21 February 2015

Progress Saturday 21st February 2015

Dear all,

Due to sudden late unavailability I stepped in today. Actually, despite early snow, there was a real buzz about the place today. 52 passengers filled 55006 for the 11:15 off Duffield this morning and the number stayed high all day. Because of this, the buffet and other outlets did well and reported some rather busy periods. 

A shunt took place to put 50253 into the shed to have some leaky windows remedied. One was sorted in the afternoon after the shunt, which turned out to be a loose little gutter that forms part of the aluminium window frame. It was allowing the water to run down the back of it and into the top of the frame. Opportunity was taken during the shunt to clear the incline of vehicles to help facilitate testing coming up this week. Some fettling of one of the two car DMUs took place; battery charging and the like.

Having dried out a bit once in the shed, some surface rust which had formed where paint was thin on the front of 50253 was sanded back to bare metal and primed.

The LMSCA are really cracking on with the BSK project. The frame work for a new kitchen bulkhead in the brake compartment is coming along a treat. Work also continued in the EVRA SK with some ceilings being painted and window frames receiving attention.

The Duke projected continued underneath their makeshift shelter.

Today's photograph is pre-service this morning as the clouds parted.