Sunday, 8 February 2015

Progress Report Sunday the 8th of February 2015

Dear all,

A lovely sunny winters day. Down the yard the LMSCA fitted the superstructure of a water tank frame to their BSK and refurbished a gas bottle holder. The DMU team cleaned heater ducting in unit 253 and renewed window rubbers in the class 108. Village Green spent the day salvaging parts from a duff desk. Nearby, the Austerity team carried on with painting the Duke and adjusted their brake adjusters. In the carriage sidings EVRA worked on the SO and the SK and just round the corner, the Class 31 received routine maintenance.

Around the stations, at Duffield work continued on the car park and at Wirksworth the guerilla gardeners continued the hedging of the east embankment.

The most urgent work of the day was fencing off the former Beer Container area to prevent the public wandering into the yard from the car park. I attach an image of the fencing team standing in front of the Oscar Stinchcombe-Jenkins Memorial Fence and International Mower Storage Facility.

In the Tannery, JCB Purves (incorporating Belper Beds) carried on with painting and a vast spread of magnolia reached the ceiling and the doors began to receive Wyvernrail Railfreight Grey.

All the best,
Anton (Tony)