Sunday, 22 February 2015

Progress Report Sunday the 22nd of February 2015

Dear all,

A largely perishing day with sleet and snow for most of the afternoon saw us dealing with modest numbers of visitors most of whom were glad of the warmth of the buffet.

The Duty Conscript, supervised by JCB Purves, painted the upper Dust Dock fence this morning before the heavens opened. Down the yard, Parkers Parts carried on with the many interior tasks in restoring the EVRA SK, and nearby, the LMSCA constructed and welded the steel walling for the kitchen area of the BSK.

In the Pullman set, a number of lighting inverters were changed in the First Class so that people can see us lit up for miles around and Stokes Enterprises attended to some missing panelling in the north end vestibule. In the car park Robson Field-Green replaced one of the defective heaters in unit 55006 and made various motions towards the second one.

The train crew, gratefully supported by a senior law officer at short notice, delivered various passengers to remote parts of the universe and some fencing posts to Shottle for the underbridge work.

All the best,