Sunday, 1 February 2015

Progress Report Sunday the 1st of February 2015

Dear all,

A sunny if rather chilly winter's day here in the Peak, nevertheless we were delightfully occupied on a number on fronts.

Down the yard work proceeded on the EVRA SO and the LMSCA inserted an amount of wood into the doors of the BSK, as well as measuring up for an overhead water tank to supply the kitchen facility being constructed in that carriage. In the DMUs seat legs were cleaned and primed and heater ducting cleaned. Village Green carried out an A exam on unit 55006 and this was pronounced entirely satisfactory.

Around the stations, at Duffield the Station Foreman began work on agreed p-way related preparations in the car park, and at Wirksworth stock and shop items were sorted in the EVRA shop. Overlooking our endeavour, the guerilla gardeners were clearing a swath of overgrown hedge in order to bring greater light to their sunny patch. Not far away Field-Hodgkinson Enterprises were creating a patch of their own with the application of the steam cleaner to 1 car, 1 van, 1 railcar and 1 heater casing. Further work continued on the Pullman.

In the Tannery Store the Purves-Shone Show was occupied painting the area to be developed into our new Passenger Stores. I attach a couple more pictures of the interior we are working on at the moment. A small slightly coughy dog is included for scale.

All the best,