Friday, 6 February 2015

Progress Report Friday the 6th of February 2015

Dear all,

A bright if rather chilly day here in Wirksworth. The EVRA SO received attention as did the LMSCA's BSK, in the way of flooring this time. Down the yard, Field Industries arrived to rejuvinate a dead heater, and we look forward to gathering round it very soon to warm our parts.

The Passenger Department also gathered for a meeting of the senior staff in the Tannery and this concluded with a great deal of measuring up and cogitation on the nature of partitioning, and much the same in the Stores with the kind assistance of Stokes Enterprises (Managerial Division).

The afternoon was taken up by the Foremen removing a large muchness of ivy, assisted by a sprightly young person, and the back of the Mess Room is now rather more presentable and accessible than it has been for some time.

All the best,