Monday, 16 February 2015

Progress Monday 16th February 2015

Dear all
Monday is normally the quietest day on our Railway and after Leigh stepped into the breach to cover an absent Booking Hall clerk yesterday I agreed to him having a rest today. Our regular Monday Booking Hall clerk was in residence and dealt with all the routine enquiries.
We were expecting our regular walking stick customer who duly appeared and we welcomed Derbyshire Life for a mutually beneficial six months of planned advertising. The day was very murky in the morning as Mike Billing sets off past Sophie and the "Bubble Car" managing to flail between Gorsey Bank and the Derby Road bridge. He was beset by adversity with a flat tyre to start off with and a recalcitrant starter motor during his endeavours and I am most grateful that he soldiered on!
Another most pleasant period passed as a shareholder, following some earlier discussion, arrived with a substantial cheque which will fully fund Platform 2 at Shottle in memory of his late wife who died at an early age on Christmas Day. This contribution fulfils one of our ambitions which would not have been achieved without such kindness.
There has been a most gratifying flurry of test track bookings with another firm two days and a likely 10 to 15 days in negotiation. It all bodes extremely weel for 2015.