Saturday, 20 December 2014

Santa Saturday 20th December 2014

Dear all
Another marathon Santa day with full trains of very happy children and their adult minders. Supporting acts in the EVRA Shop, Model Railway and Roast Chestnut Brakevan all added to the occasion. As ever, very many thanks to all the people that made the whole show go with military precision. Two more days to go!
The dmu team, whilst on standby, continued to deal with the interior of 50253, applied and sanded bodyside filler to the PWT "Bubble Car" and rescued a replacement gearbox for 50599 from stores.
The LMSCA continued with the interior of their BTO together with gangway connection sewing.
Another magnificent day.
Today's photo is a reminder of Santa operations in the past featuring the late lamented John Bentley and, for those of you who remember him, the unique Howard