Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Progress Tuesday 9th December 2014

Dear all
Quite a day with a customer testing two mobile platforms, one of which is illustrated, ably looked after by Richard Buckby but prolonged by a rerailing exercise towards the end of the day. Their presence was added to by our regular "walking stick" customer who was introducing a couple of new recruits to our site.
The dmu team removed around half the seats in the new arrival 79018 so that ceiling repairs can be accomplished without damage to the moquette. 50599 has a scrape of its roof prior to repainting and the PWT Bubble Car had paint applied to its recently sandblasted roof.
The LMSCA continue their endeavours with the Mark 1 BSK and Stanier TO. The DST reported drilling the holes in one of the spacer plates for the replacement buffers on Henry Ellison but jumped ship at midday to enjoy a Christmas lunch at Shottle.
The PWT jacked and packed a crossing nose on their newly re-laid single slip as it had been observed to move under load. They later turned their attention to stripping down the 3 way point which requires new timbers in advance of the arrival of the first of the London Underground new battery locomotives for test and trials.
The VCT reported a further 50 metres of sheep fencing erected and a two fire day by the cutting and burning side of the organisation. They also surveyed a further request for sheep fencing over and above the initial NFU request - you can just see that we will end up with 18 miles of new fencing! So far we have devoted nearly £1000 to this project.
Amey were with us on the last day of their structure survey dealing with Wirksworth to Ravenstor - no alarms reported but I am sure there will be more requests for work to be done.
The Booking Hall squeezed a few more Santa bookings into the limited numbers of renaming places
It was bitterly cold today and I take my hat off to all the various teams that continued against the odds.