Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Progress Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Dear all
We received Fred & Iris who worked their magic on the Mess Hall and the PWT undertook a lot of preparation for tomorrow's adventures. The VCT visited Wirksworth to collect another 500 metres of sheep netting and reported a team of 7 men, two fires and some 50 metres of netting erected. The farmers of the Hazelwood should be very happy but I don't think its in their dna.
Santa predominates as the leading cause of activities with the train decorations under work, Wirksworth and Duffield stations receiving attention and the Pullman Buffet Car becoming a festive venue. We are getting closer to all the staff needed for this vital part of our enterprise except for Sunday 7th and 14th November where servers of mince pies and mulled wine are still needed. If you can help visit www.e-v-r.com/rota and get your name down.
Mike Billings attempted another flailing excursion but had to repair some faults eventually departing to deal with the embankment at the south end of the Hannages. The DST concentrated on Cathryn's firebox and removed difficult stays. The LMSCA had two teams, one dealing with their Mark 1 BSK and the other installing a refurbished sewing machine which is illustrated by a delighted Derek.
The Booking Hall dealt with another significant dose of Santa reservations and very happily received the first firm booking for the Shottle Soiree evenings. On line sales have also processed the first Drive a Diesel Day for 2015 with four participants.
PS - I have been in negotiation with Transport for London to test and shake down 14 Shoma Diesel Locomotive that are being converted to battery operation by Clayton Engineering and am happy to report that I have received purchase orders for the first two of these machines. This will stress the PWT as we will have to retimber some of the Wirksworth Yard pointwork before the first one arrives in the third week of January!
PPS - Further negotiations have also taken place with a training company which will be located at Duffield to bring new recruits up to Network Rail Permanent Way worker standards. All is on course for this activity to commence in February next year.
PPPS - for lovers of trams there is a little piece taken in Nottingham to see how the camera behaved in poor light conditions - the lonely and long suffering street walker seemed to be following me about. http://youtu.be/LACceX5S8LM