Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Progress Tuesday 23rd December 2014

Dear all
The main event today was the delivery of some £4000's worth of permanent way materials which will ensure we can renew the crossing timbers underneath the 3 way point and adjacent 2 way point in advance of the arrival of the first of our London Underground locomotives. We will also have enough crossing timbers for the new pointwork to access the third Maintenance Facility track which is all part of the movement towards the extension of our undercover renovation and restoration area. The photo illustrates the area involved with the first of the new timbers being laid out.
A call at 0715 this morning announce that the first delivery of white gold had arrived despite Lafarge Tarmac knowing our opening hours! This turned out to be the wrong kind of stone and the second delivery had to be returned to the quarry. Eventually all was well and we have all the necessary materials on site.
The dmu team undertook checks of the Santa Train for tomorrow's final two trains and then went on to do a whole line check following the high winds we had experienced over the last few days. So as to maximise their productivity the permanent way team required a couple of wagons from Shottle so the "Bubble Car" set off with a Brakevan to collect the wagons on return from Duffield. Thanks to Rob, Michael and Graham for this unusual request.
The DST undertook some welding to reinstate wasted areas on Cathryn's axle guides.
The Booking Hall turned attention to the coming New Year.
PS - a couple of minutes recording some of today's activity - http://youtu.be/2HFuyHhnDEs