Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Progress Tuesday 16th December 2014

Dear all,

Today many different groups were on site. The VCT had 8 men on site to complete the Hazelwood Straight Anti-Sheep System and declared it sheep proof at last! They are now retiring for their Christmas meal and won't be back until after the New Year.

The DST were split into groups. One group worked on the drawbar and buffers of Henry Ellison to help bring around a smooth ride ready for a new steam-hauled dining service coming to a railway near you in June. The other, continued working on Cathryn, although the representative I spoke to didn't know exactly what they were working on.

The EVRA coach team were working on the SK. The battery boxes on the underframe were painted and inside a newly repaired toilet water tank was returned to position, so they were flushed with success. Meanwhile, the LMSCA continued working on their coaches along with the BSK which is coming along remarkably well and is also another component to the aforementioned dining train.

A lone member of the DMU team worked at chipping remaining paint off the roof of 108 50599 and this nearing completion. Once it's all off a repaint is due and there won't be any rust, it is all aluminium!

A large PWay team, back under the guidance of Mick, worked on relaying the three-way point in Wirksworth Yard. The timbers are being renewed as part of a general maintenance programme.

The Booking Office processed some last minute enquiries for Santa tomorrow and Anton mulled the wine so that it is perfect.