Thursday, 18 December 2014

Progress Thursday 18th December 2014

Dear all
Another day of sweating the assets! Customers were present at Idridgehay and Wirksworth undertaking various technical things to our economic benefit and it is most encouraging to see these activities at what is normally a quiet time of year for testing.
The PWT have been surveying the alignment of the new siding alongside the Maintenance Facility and where the access pointwork should be located. This was determined and time was also taken to strip old ferruls from the track screws recovered from the 3 way point to release the screws for reuse. Col. Stevens would be very proud. My photo today was supposed to be of the surveyors but came out a little blurred ( it was their Christmas meall last night ) so I remind you of the 3 way point in situ with a battery locomotive. Quite a lot of history in the picture with Faraday, our mainstay shunt loco, and Dougal, the PWTs, rotating Pemaquip. Time does really fly.
The dmu team have positioned the "stores" Bubble Car for plating up of its windows and fuelled the Santa train for its final outings of the season.
The Booking Hall turned attention to 2015 by contacting this year's coach operator customers to see if they will be with us again.
Leigh has managed to capture Radio Derby's production following their visit yesterday morning - very distinquished voices do their best for the Railway