Thursday, 11 December 2014

Progress Thursday 11th December 2014

Dear all,

A chilly day where you saw the occasional passing car that had mysterious snow on it.

The EVRA coach team were in first thing attending the SK and the LMSCA continued with their BSK. Theres a huge lump of wood to be put into the floor by the corridor which has been prepared. It is so big it nearly bottomed out poor Peppy the Van. This vehicle, will then have a plywood guards floor laid which is conveniently the right thickness for off the shelf products.

Mike worked tirelessly once again on the PWay bubble by sanding off any remaining paint and derusting one or two bits. The ventilators have now been primed and sealed up but theres a bit more to do yet before the real painting can begin.

Work continued on the 108 to remove any last bits of paint before it too gets a roof paint.

Todays picture shows the progress on the PWay bubble's roof.