Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Progress Wednesday 26th November 2014

Dear all
It's nearly upon us - the Santa Season so today saw the Christmas Tree and the genuine North Pole delivered to their destination that is quite oddly somewhat south of Wirksworth. It was slightly demeaning for the Norwegian Spruce (or looky-likey) to be transported on top of a lowly wagon load of spoil! In addition to this critical delivery the PWT had the opportunity to dispose of surplus wagon stock at Shottle and collect two flat wagons one of which was back loaded with logs for Wirksworth.
Mike Billings followed the Works Train and managed to achieve more flailing in what was an extremely bleak and damp day. The "Bubble Car" that will be the PWT's main transport received day 2 of sandblasting and was moved into the Maintenance Facility for undercoating at the end of the day. During the day the dmu team shunted all the vehicles out of the way of this last move.
The Santa Coordinator and LCC together with long suffering husband made progress in the Training Room with present assembly and coding after being comforted that several areas of concern were under control!
The Booking Hall was again pleasantly swamped by Santa bookings requiring quite an administrative effort.
PS - An all too brief look at Nottingham Midland where I tried to match the position in 1965 with that in 2014 only to be moved on by some wretched jobs worth! No wonder I sound like Victor Meldrew from time to time!
PPS - Funds for the Permanent Way Team's splendid new transport are a little slow to come in and I have taken quite a punt to spend £700 on its sandblasting preparatory to a basic undercoat. If you can help with this very worthy project which will help keep this vital team in business your contribution would be much appreciated.