Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Progress Wednesday 12th November 2014

Dear all
Our heroes today were the PW Team who braved the most unpleasant weather to move the single slip project forward. All the machine assistance failed or was intermittent in performance but at the end of the day all the metalwork was in place and a start was made on screwing it down to the sleeper supports. An impact wrench has been hired for Monday which will give some security that the task can be completed by close of play Tuesday.
The other photo today shows the EVRA SK following a basic repaint by Lee Sharpe who is now turning his attention to the roof of the Railcar Enterprises support vehicle. The LMSCA battled  on with the north end of their Mark 1 BSK which continues to receive major surgery.
The dmu team of one, Joe, started to give the three Met-Cam vehicles that will form the Santa train a full service and I was in error yesterday as vehicle 50599 has been put in the Maintenance Facility for attention to its window seals.
The Booking Hall continued under the weight of Santa bookings which is really showing the strength of this year's offering. Santa Co-coordinator, June, was quite surprised to receive extra presents to her order which seem to be "booties" for the new born. Nonetheless they will be taken into stock waiting an event. Some 67 boxes of next year's timetable brochures also arrived requiring physical exertion to take the into stock.