Thursday, 6 November 2014

Progress Thursday 6th November 2014

Dear all
We welcomed back Amey today as they undertake their annual bridge and structure examinations which will carry on over the next few weeks. Network Rail returned for their penultimate day of endurance testing ably hosted by Tony Watt. Rodney continued to add material to the Duffield Road Rail Access Point to aid the turn round of the vehicle there.
The dmu team started to work on the cylinder heads of "Iris" and continued the "winterisation" of the fleet. This Saturday's two car set was checked and readied for service. The LMSCA concentrated on the replacement steel work for the north end of their Mark 1 BSK and the M1M worked on reconstructing the battery box on the EVRA SO. Painting of the EVRA SK continued apace in the Maintenance Facility.
I was good to welcome Mick Thomas who has been having a torrid time whilst his knees are examined by the medical profession. They have decided he needs a major overhaul and will enter the works in 18 weeks or so. In the meantime he will be manufacturing the necessary parts of Shottle Loop ground frames.
The Booking Hall continues to concentrate on the 2015 web site offers together with this year's Santa bookings.
The last post from Manchester with trams, a Class 66 and a Class 92!