Thursday, 27 November 2014

Progress Thursday 27th November 2014

Dear all
It's been all about Santa today, as it should be because it is vital to our ongoing survival, with his train receiving last minute attention to ensure all the heating works and a sound test of our new in coach sound system. Cleaning of the train has benefited from the LCC as we prepare for next week's decoration and preparation of Santa's on board grotto. All those groups that now reside on our site should be well aware that this singular part of the year allows them to enjoy their hobby and participation in delivering a great experience is key to our continued future.
The dmu team continued with repairs to a cylinder head on Iris and the lone LMSCA worker made further progress with the north end of their Mark 1 BSK.
The PWT tended to an unpleasant track joint on the Car Park Siding with a little packing in the surrounding area. They also recovered some equipment from bridge DJW 17 after the repair work there.
The Booking Hall processed yet more Santa bookings and I am happy that this year's financial take has now overtaken last year's total.
I couldn't find an appropriate photo in today's gloom but my mind turned to the tiem when Tube Lines were with us illustration the changes at Shottle from 2007 and we just couldn't go any further with this 60 tonne vehicle. The Schoma diesel also visited as part of this project and may return if the gods are with us!