Thursday, 13 November 2014

Progress Thursday 13th November 2014

Dear all
The first photo shows the achievements of the permanent way team this week who have completed all the rail installation yesterday for the single slip project and will devote next week to fastening it all down and reopening the finished product to trains again. The second photo shows the work going on to deal with the cylinder heads on Iris. The dmu team also put effort into the three car set that will be our Santa train with a new fan retrieved to correct a problem on 51188 and tended to the batteries on the centre car.
The LMSCA continued with surgery to the north end of their Mark 1 BSK and the M1M reported completing the restoration of the battery box on their SO.
The work on the Santa train has never been more valued as the Booking Hall reports a 29% growth in sales compared with this time last year together with dealing with our second coach operator booking for 2015. Amey have been out and about again for their annual bridge and structure inspection.
All most encouraging.