Sunday, 2 November 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 2nd of November 2014

Dear all,

The first Sunday of the year without a train service saw us busy around the site with many small working groups. The Passenger Department was occupied with the annual stocktake and with Santa preparations in the Training Room. The Duty Conscript devoted himself to scrubbing the exterior of the Mess Room clean of its annual moss accumulation and Roper Scrubbers did the same to the rather green side of the EVRA shop and the back of the Information Room.

As the afternoon was tolerably dry JCB Purves threw the paintbrush at the weighbridge, which has become rather tatty during the summer, if the weather is dry it will get its topcoat next week. Down the yard the Austerity Team carried on with scraping and painting and nearby Smith's Industries carried on with his veranda.

The DMU team finished painting the black ends of the DMU support coach, continued a C exam on unit 50599 and painted the toilet framework of unit 50170.

All the best,