Monday, 3 November 2014

Progress Monday 3rd November 2014

Dear all,

Winter has arrived! …and today's test machine knew about it. Our customer was ably hosted by Mike Evans today but despite best efforts, the machine today was moody at times. Said mood swings slightly delayed the Permanent Way team with starting their latest project, to reverse the slip in the yard to make life easier when working the yard at Wirksworth. This project, scheduled to last around three weeks, is part of an overall scheme of improvements to the layout of the yard and will take great effort. The delay didn't seem to phase the team too much as they really cracked on this afternoon and managed to unclip virtually the whole point ready for more major work tomorrow.

So please note….

The yard is now in two. Stock on the pit road and the WC road can be moved around on that side of the yard with access to the incline. Stock on Road 3 (Pullman) is currently marooned. Stock on the car park/steam/carriage side of the yard has no access to the Maintenance Facility or the incline but can go to Duffield or the platforms via Road 1. The point between Road 1 and the slip is clipped to prevent use. The service train for November Saturday services is stabled behind the stop on Road 2 but MUST be left far enough north to enable the LMSCA to access the BSK easily.

Elsewhere today, LS Engineering continued the beautification process of the EVRA SK and the LMSCA continued work on the BSK. Once the structural work is completed there are great plans afoot for this vehicle!

The Booking Office was too in go mode with much preparation for next year.