Monday, 24 November 2014

Progress Monday 24th November 2014

Dear all,

A bitterly cold day, the first of the winter, which saw a good frost this morning. Numbers were thin on the ground today but there were still some exciting things going on around.

The LMSCA were in continuing apace with the rebuild of the BSK's back end. It is quite impressive to see all of the new metalwork going in, especially with the thickness of some of it around the corridor!

This morning, we welcomed negotiations with a test customer. All was very positive so we'll see what happens!

We also welcomed, finally, the Derby Lightweight power/trailer set. The set forms what we believe to be the oldest surviving DMU built by British Railways in 1954 and it is great that all three remaining vehicles of the class can be together once again, and so close to home. The power car, Driving Motor Brake Third M79018 received a considerable Heritage Lottery grant to enable it's restoration, which was completed around 10 years ago. The vehicle popped over to the Railcar50 celebrations at the Severn Valley Railway, being the oldest representative which was actually 50 at the time. Now exactly 60, the vehicle hasn't carried any passengers and needs some attention now it has sat for 10 years waiting for the partner to be completed. The vehicle needs modifications to the wiring as it was completed to the original Yellow Diamond multiple working specification which means it can't work with other units. It is planned to convert this in a similar way to 'Iris' so that it can. The trailer car, Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory, is a shell inside but has already had considerable work done to it and has been wired to Blue Square multiple working specification. Serious restoration work isn't likely to start soon but once they're complete, the railway really will have a special product! More details at .