Thursday, 16 October 2014

Progress Thursday 16th October 2014

Dear all
There was a very early morning start for Leigh and Tom as they starred in Radio Derby to explain the fund raising appeal for the Permanent Way "Bubble Car". To appear at Wirksworth for an 0645 start reflects their dedication to the cause! One of today's illustrations shows the ramp and door of these highly modified vehicles which mirrors the facility on board the PW vehicle.
The PWT set off for more bridge work at DJW17 and one of Richard's photos is also attached ( or may be sent separately if the system can't cope with three photos ) and achieve the back fill of the blue brick wall they erected yesterday. Another satisfactory development today was the despatch of the steam crane jib which challenged the haulage company but they won in the end.
The dmu team concentrated on trying to remove a cylinder head from 55006 lamenting the good old days when a replacement engine would arrive from stores and be slotted in. A second contingent tended to a coolant leak on 51188 which is a vital part of the Santa train. There was much stripping out of the Severn Tunnel "Bubble Car" that will become a stores van and it was good to see this project moving along at some speed.
There was much preparation for this weekend's model railway exhibition and the EVRA SO received attention. The LMSCA were concentrating on tabling up their SK.
The Booking Hall recovered from the unusual early start and Santa bookings continued to flood in.
The end is nearly nigh but two more offerings illustrate how the Liverpool Overhead Railway might have looked if it had survived:-