Friday, 31 October 2014

Progress Report Friday the 31st of October 2014

Dear all,

A pleasant almost warm day here in Wirksworth. The line was occupied for most of the day with the testing of a large yellow item, supervised by Buckby Safety Services. Meanwhile, down the yard various carriage restoration work was being progressed by Sharpe Enterprises and EVRA.

The LMSCA were doing much the same with the end of the BSK, which at the moment is more of a veranda than an end.

The Station Foremen, ever occupied with keeping the place from falling to bits, were busy with the business of lighting, using some of our specially purchased prison-themed floodlights: the yard now being complete with the Armley, the Parkhurst, the Broadmoor and the Wandsworth.

Also around the Station, Perkins Pressurewashers completed the washing of the service train ready for tomorrows winter timetable.

All the best,

Progress Thursday 30th October 2014

Dear all
Another surprisingly busy half term day and the last weekday train service of 2014. The train crew, EVRA shop and Model Railway made good hosts of today's visitors and I am grateful to John Ball who washed the exterior of the Model Railway cabin which was looking distinctly uncared for.
The LMSCA concentrated on the north end of their Mark 1 BSK which is illustrated showing the surgery required. This type of vehicle does suffer from the elements over the years.
The dmu team beavered away at reassembling the engines of the "Bubble Car" and reported steady progress despite seeming to have a rather large collection of vital parts that remained to be fitted. The team also commenced the "winterisation" process for their vehicles and accomplished a great deal of shunting in preparation for next week's track works.
Battery boxes were modified on the EVRA SO for the new electric system and steady progress was made in the preparation for repaint of their SK.
The Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield had a good day and Wirksworth continued with Santa and group bookings. The Pullman team served over thirty Station Master's VIP lunches and tended to our many "ordinary" passengers with many accolades.
A most satisfactory day.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Progress Wednesday 29th October 2014

Dear all
A most delightful day with two customers on site, one of which is illustrated, and I am most grateful to Tony Watt and Mike Evans for ensuring their time with us was productive. This activity provides us with some of the resources that enables the pursuit of more of our ambitions.
Rodney further improved the road/rail off tracking arrangements at Duffield which has become a key part of the Network Rail vehicle's endurance tests with us and they have asked for another couple of days next week which we will happily accommodate.
The PWT endeavoured to achieve further preparation of the pointwork that will be attended to over the next three weeks but were somewhat inhibited by the constant activities of our test customers but, nonetheless, managed to dig out some bays as an aid to the planned work.
The Booking Hall processed a most satisfactory number of Santa bookings and orchestrated the changeover of our broadband supplied and its effect on our internal services.
A most satisfactory day.
PS - moving pictures of our second customer -
PPS - A certain Vince enquired about last night's photo being a self confessed pedant - everyone must know it was the visit of the Swedish Railvac on test. Our contribution must have paid off for them as there are now three of these machines in operation on the national network.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Progress 28th October 2014

Dear all
A full on day for everyone on site as we concluded the last service Tuesday of this year. The train crew with the EVRA shop and the Model Railway entertained a splendid number of visitors on this half term holiday day. Fred and Iris gave the Mess Hall a cleanse and continued preparing the flower tubs for the winter. The dmu team wrestled with the replacement cylinder head gaskets on the "Bubble Car" making significant progress but there is some way to go yet.
The DST prepared to change a buffer on Henry Ellison and tended to the sand boxes on Cathryn and the LMSCA worked on the north end of their Mark 1 BSK and worked on the gutters of their BTO.
The PWT deserve great praise for emptying the RUDD by hand due to the Komatsu having an unresolved fault. This was a very physical task and showed tremendous determination to release this wagon for great things planned over the next three weeks. The team also restored the road/rail dumper to life ready for this project after some 12 months out of use.
The Pullman Buffet Car team entertained the contingent of Afternoon Tea customers as well as our "ordinary" visitors and our Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield yielded a pleasant return on the day.
All in all, it was a pleasant day until the weather deteriorated in the late afternoon and I am happy to report that Santa bookings continue to stride forward.
Today's video as we near the end of the Chicago contributions illustrates the driver's eye view of a wonderful section of 4 track overhead
After testing planned for next Monday we will be conducting a three week programme of trackwork modification in Wirksworth Yard which will move us forward, in time, to a planned expansion of the Maintenance Facility. We welcome back Phil Tarry who will be co-coordinating this complex project.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Progress Monday 27th October

Dear all,

Quite a bit of activity for a Monday with our test customer up and down like a yo yo gaining mileage on their machine. Ably hosted by Tony, this was smooth.

Down the yard, a team continued to strip out the stored bubble and nearby another team began working on the BSK for it's winter maintenance programme.

The VCT were out and about down the line.

The Booking Office was in go mode too with much planning for next season as well as Santa.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 26th of October 2014

Dear all,

A surprisingly busy day for the time of year despite slightly chilly weather. Down the yard the LMSCA began work to repair the north end of the BSK. Work also continued on the EVRA carriages.

The DMU team occupied themselves with continued painting of the DMU support coach, the Green Field Greasers repaired some exhausters, and Stokes and C Lings Enterprises had a handle extraction and grinding competition.

The station gardens received seasonal attention and the Duty Conscript collected a great deal of inconvenient litter from our fine lineside.

All the best,

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saturday 25th October 2014.

Hi Guys - A good number of visitors for the time of year. 50 on the
11.15 fom Duffield kept EricBB busy !!
The LMSCA and 8F Group were in
attendance moving their projects forward.

Richard Buckby did his usual tour of the yard with visitors. Richard besides opening the gates is always informing our passengers the history of the line. I'm sure he would be a rich man if he had a £1 for every time he opened those gates.!!

The DMU Team shunted the shed once again swapping the EVRA coach for west side painting and placing Units for repair and maintenance.

Mike Evans.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Progress Report Friday the 24th of October 2014

Dear all,

A rather overcast day here in the wonderment of middle Derbyshire. Down the yard the LMSCA carried on with legs and welding in relation to their carriages, but declared they were spending too much time at the gym and had tired themselves out. In the shed Sharpe Industries was also involved in carriage fluffing and the EVRA SK is now gloriously red on one side.

Nearby, Devon on Tour inspected much of the trackwork in the yard bearing a yellow spray can and a serious green hat, and it was discovered that the single slip can be rotated to within half an inch of its life, and one of the problems has been rectified on the Komatsu. The rails on the Sturgeon have been measured and profiled ready for relaying in platform 1 in due course, the rails being removed will be cascaded to the maintenance facility extension. The Station Foremen repaired various items which had fallen off due to excitement and experimented with lighting so that Santa can find his reindeer in the dark without having to grope around for Rudolf's nose.

Our Driver Experience guests appear to have enjoyed themselves after a long day of our railcars.

Can I remind all Booking Hall staff to check their floats, and to check the March diary before taking Afternoon Tea bookings.

All the best,

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Progress Thursday 23rd October 2014

Dear all
Our test customer, ably hosted by Tony Watt, achieved further endurance mileage today and will return on Monday. David N refilled 12 bags with sand to be used for our repairs to bridge DJW17 demonstrating an admirable reuse of material left behind from a test customer some time ago.
Fred and Iris unusually visited us on a Thursday and gave the Mess Hall their usual treatment and prepared the planters for winter slumber. The dmu team continued to wrestle with the cylinder heads of 55006 reporting steady moves towards their reassembly and the major service of the Class 108 was achieved.
EVRA spent part of the day changing seats in their CK and I am most grateful to Rodney who strengthened the road/rail ramp at Duffield with extra stone after witnessing our Landrover and test customer struggling a little.
The Booking Hall dealt with encouraging further Santa bookings and worked hard to design the "Friends of Iris Club" leaflet and launching this new opportunity on our web site. The Iris Club is focused, if successful, on assuring our Railway of a regular income 12 months of the year at a very affordable rate to members with tangible benefits from this support. I encourage you to have a look on our web site for a relatively painless way of keeping us moving forward.
A look at streetcars that ran in Chicago until the 60s

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Progress Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Dear all
Who would have thought it after yesterday's most miserable of conditions that it would by warm and calm today. Our customer returned to be hosted by Tony Watt and achieved all that they had planned for the day. A photo is attached of the many platform lifts required to prove its resilience. The PWT took the opportunity this morning to travel to Shottle with two empty wagons to be berthed there and recover the "Sturgeon" which holds the rails to be used in exchange on Road 1 at Wirksworth. The displaced rails there will be subsequently used on a new siding adjacent to the Maintenance Facility that, with a fair wind, will be covered as part of an enlarged maintenace area.
The dmu team continued to work on 55006 to restore its cyclinder heads in order to return the vehicle to service. It was good to see John Evans and John Rhead returning to the vital task of ensuring our record keeping was up to date and the LCC ensured the hybrid 2 Car set used yesterday was cleaned for further use.
There was a triumph in the Booking Hall amongst other activities that secured a school booking from our mail shot to local extablishments which will fill our special schools Santa service on 17th December. It gladdens the heart when a plan comes together!
Two videos for you the first of which makes you wish for one of these -
The second take you back to the USA! - 4 elevated tracks -

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Progress Tuesday 21st October 2014

Dear all
A most miserable wet, blustery day, punctuated by short periods of sunshine inhibited a lot of work planned for today. Nonetheless, our scheduled service ran to the satisfaction of our many customers that included a splendid coach group who rode from Duffield to Wirksworth. The service was supported by the EVRA shop and Model Railway.
The PWT had scheduled track patrols today but with some forethought about today's forecast part of the task was dealt with yesterday, a short section today, and the remainder put back to tomorrow. The PWT also bravely returned to bridge DJW17 to continue with the repairs mandated there.
The DST spent time trying to remove the south end drawbar from Henry Ellison, cleaning up the ash left adjacent to Platform 3 after Saturday's steaming and began the winterisation of No3.
The dmu team dealt with much shunting to clear Platform 1 and place the EVRA CK there for seat repairs and then turned to the Class 108 which need much attention that will be dealt with during its "C" exam.The LMSCA dealt with the replacement of two broken windows on their BTO as well as continuing to manufacture compartment table supports for their SK.
The Pullman Buffet Car absorbed some 34 participants for Afternoon Teas as well as our passenger train customers and the Booking Hall sold tickets, processed Santa bookings and donations given to the PWT "Bubble Car" project. We are not breaking any records for this most worthy cause and I can only encourage you to visit the web shop to see what you can do to make this project happen.
PS - I have been given a 3 phase electric motor that presently resides in my Landrover. We have no particular use for this motor so it is available to a good home.
Special mention also for the VCT who responded to an alert from Network Rail to remove a tree from the River Ecclesbourne at DJW12 and Mike Billings who attempted to pinpoint the problems with a recalcitrant Komatsu.
Today's photo reveals the quality trains provided for our visitors and the video shows a rather drab terminal for Amtrak's Chicago to Milwaukee service but the train announcements sound familiar - don't enjoy yourselves everything is off!
Also a vision of what might have been in the world of streetcars or trams as we know them -

Monday, 20 October 2014

Progress Monday 20th October 2014

Dear all,

The calm after a brilliant weekend. Mike the Flail and Dave looked at a fault with the Komatsu but with no real luck and the VCT attended to a troublesome tree in the vicinity of Idridgehay.

The Booking Office dealt with the usual array of enquiries.

Tony ably hosted our test customer to ensure that their every need was attended to.


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 19th of October 2014

Dear all,

Quite a pleasant autumn day here in the Gem of the Peak, we were delightfully busy with a selection of passengers, visitors and model railway enthusiasts, the Model Railway Exhibition having proved a great success once again this year.

Down the yard the DMU team spent the day moving a number of items, cleaning up after last nights vast Jazz train, and changing a water pump on unit 51188.

The arrival of a Duty Conscript took us by surprise and our surprise became rather larger when we discovered that he had enjoyed himself in the car park. Nearby, JCB Purves carried on with painting the Dust Dock wall and the expanse of magnolia now resulting would do credit to a starter home.

Finally, would all staff please note that due a cabling problem, there is currently no power in the shed or in the east side of the yard, please do not attempt to reset the power as you are unlikely to be able to find the key to the switchroom padlock.

All the best,

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Progress Report Saturday 18th October 2014

Dear All,

A fantastic start to our Model Railway Exhibition weekend with an extreemly busy Wirksworth station throughout the day. Iris was added to our 3-car Duffield service to ensure we could cater for for the additional passenger numbers. The narrow gauge and model railway were open and at one point our steam service looked like a BR who's who with a number of well known railway personalities descending on an unsuspecting steam crew. It can be said that our peers are our harshest critics and I am pleased to report the ex BR drivers complimented both John Stokes and Dave Williams on their respective driving skills.

Down the yard work continues at a pace on dismantling the interior of the 'Severn Bubble'. In the shed a small group of DMU fitters plying their skills on W55006's troublesome engine as well as put together a new formation for tomorrow's Duffield service. Both the LMSCA and the 8F group too were in attendance as their projects continue to make good progress.

Finally over 150 passengers joined the 18:15 Jazz and Chips special to Duffield. A great end to an exceptionally busy day and a special thanks go to the train crew and volunteers who stayed on after a long day to ensure our evening passengers were well looked after.

Best Wishes,


PS today's attachment is a video showing a very busy 16:15 Duffield Service leaving Wirksworth


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Progress Thursday 16th October 2014

Dear all
There was a very early morning start for Leigh and Tom as they starred in Radio Derby to explain the fund raising appeal for the Permanent Way "Bubble Car". To appear at Wirksworth for an 0645 start reflects their dedication to the cause! One of today's illustrations shows the ramp and door of these highly modified vehicles which mirrors the facility on board the PW vehicle.
The PWT set off for more bridge work at DJW17 and one of Richard's photos is also attached ( or may be sent separately if the system can't cope with three photos ) and achieve the back fill of the blue brick wall they erected yesterday. Another satisfactory development today was the despatch of the steam crane jib which challenged the haulage company but they won in the end.
The dmu team concentrated on trying to remove a cylinder head from 55006 lamenting the good old days when a replacement engine would arrive from stores and be slotted in. A second contingent tended to a coolant leak on 51188 which is a vital part of the Santa train. There was much stripping out of the Severn Tunnel "Bubble Car" that will become a stores van and it was good to see this project moving along at some speed.
There was much preparation for this weekend's model railway exhibition and the EVRA SO received attention. The LMSCA were concentrating on tabling up their SK.
The Booking Hall recovered from the unusual early start and Santa bookings continued to flood in.
The end is nearly nigh but two more offerings illustrate how the Liverpool Overhead Railway might have looked if it had survived:-

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Progress Wednesday 15th October 2014

Dear all
A most interesting day with the test vehicle arriving from Northampton and a start to put it through its paces by Network Rail and their advisors. They were most ably looked after by Tony Watt and today's work ended with the machine returning to Northampton for some modifications with a return to us suggested next Monday.
The PWT went by road to bridge DJW17, this spans the river Ecclesbourne and has been identified as requiring some immediate attention, and made significant progress on a task that started as being outside their comfort zone. The materials were conveyed in bags by road and we should all give them great praise for undertaking this unusual repair to our infrastructure.
The LMSCA achieved some sanding of their BTO and prepared the Mark 1 SK for table installation. Lee made solid progress with EVRA's SK which is illustrated turning a rust inhibiting green and much body filler. Ted completed welding in new panels to their SO.
The Press Release announcing the novel approach to fund raising for the Permanent Way Department's bubble car has touched receptive nerves at the Derby Telegraph and Radio Derby with Leigh hosting visits from both parties to explain what will be achieved over the next 12 months with adequate finance in place.
The Booking Hall continued to deal with Santa bookings and created a certificate recognising the "bubble car" contributions purchased on line.
A most productive and gratifying day.
PS - I quite like the sounds on this
and a different take on a works train

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Progress Tuesday 14th October 2014

Dear all
The PWT dismantled sleepers recovered from the relay of No 1 road past the former dust dock removing chairs and consigning the garden quality to the Car Park for onward sale. Work on the new cross over continued to fit missing screws and a broken kt plate. Bridge repairs to DJW17 started after the receiving 100 blue bricks and using today's service trains to deliver materials to site. This will be another first for the team as they follow recommendations from Network Rail's contractor on how to ensure this rail over river bridge is returned to health.
The DST have thoroughly cleaned No3 and Henry Ellison together with a final fit of new drawbar equipment to reduce the oscillation between No3 and coaching stock. The LMSCA continued with their BTO and TO projects and the dmu team positioned 55006 for cylinder head gasket repairs. They also provided the necessary cabling to ensure the centre car of their reformed 3 Car set remains with charged batteries. Anti corrosive green paint was applied to the dmu support coach where there was bare metal and the EVRA SK received similar treatment.
We also ran service trains today supported by the EVRA shop and Model Railway Exhibition. It was fairly bleak but we entertained our complement of Tuesday Afternoon Tea customers resulting in a modest take at Wirksworth and Duffield Booking Halls.
The inventive approach to funding the Permanent Way Department's railcar transport yielded early encouraging contributions and, if you are temped to help, I would recommend a visit to the web shop.
Yesterday the body of the steam crane left us for pastures new in Scunthorpe and it is really splendid that it will have a new life there. The photo shows it in action in February 2007 helping to remodel Wirksworth Yard.
A large number of committed people attended today's passenger department meeting devoted to progressing this year's Santa programme. I am grateful to everyone who participated in this operation so essential to our financial wellbeing.
PS Those of you who like steam there is a small interlude
On the other hand electric power may be for you

Monday, 13 October 2014

Progress Monday 13th October 2014 and Bubble Appeal

Afternoon all,

It was certainly Bleak in the Peak today with gusty winds and rain most of the day.

The VCT battled on though in the vicinity of Hazelwood and some materials were delivered to site near Barnsley Lane for a forthcoming job.

Down at Duffield we welcomed the Duffield Gardeners back to the fold, who have just been on an excursion to Australia. They are trying to acclimatise after their adventure but until they do, we may have to put up with cacti around the Booking Office.

Back at base and it was all go in the engineerium as work began on painting the EVRA SK. We also said goodbye to the engine part of the steam crane which had been with us for approximately 12 years. It was in use until around 2007 but then placed out of use at Shottle since. It has gone on to a new home where it can be loved.

I would like to introduce you all to our new Bubble Share Appeal. I am sure you are aware of the fact that the company recently purchased a Class 121 'bubble' in the form of 977975. The intention is to use the vehicle for the Permanent Way 'track gang' as they have had battles with the elements, getting to site in a timely manner and carrying tools for a while now. The down side, of course, is the fact that the vehicle has been heavily stripped of most of the major components. We believe that we can source the majority of these components and we have lots of DMU expertise already at the railway who can help out with the work.

We now invite you all to contribute to the cost of sourcing these components to speed up the work. Check out the website at where you can find all of the details of the appeal. Follow through and sponsor a component from a list on the online shop.  We estimate that the work will cost around £10,000 so any help will be appreciated. Your sponsorship will come back to you in shares of WyvernRail and for those sponsoring more than one item we'll book you onto a driver experience course to be held once the vehicle has been completed.

All the best,



Saturday, 11 October 2014

Saturday 11th October

Hi Guys - A dry at last.Iris worked the Duffield Service and 55006 was
added for our head of DST Party for long lost Family members.The Model
Railway and EVRA shop were open.Thanks to John Evans who once again stepped in to cover a Guards Vacancy.Definitely our emergency Guard.
The 8F Group held their AGM. The DMU group were out in force.One group shunted most of the day moving steam crane to Car Park and EVRA Coach into the maintenance facility for painting.Further paint was applied to their support coach and internals were removed from their newly acquired bubble..

Mike Evans

Friday, 10 October 2014

Fwd: [wirksworths_railway] Progress Report Friday the 10th of October 2014

Dear all,

A day of rather torrential rain saw the planned carriage roofing works suspended for the moment and the DMU support coach returned to the shed, with the thrust of today's efforts diverted to fit windows and other features to railcar 50253.

The LMSCA occupied themselves with table legs in between showers and the Station Foreman applied the paintbrush, in a brief dry spell, to some touching up jobs, as well as carrying out routine checks at Ravenstor. 

All the best,

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Progress Thursday 9th October 2014

Dear all
Another dank, wet and dull day where the planned roof sandblasting had to be called off in the hope that progress can be made tomorrow. The PWT concentrated on removing spare material from the relay of No 1 Road and travelled to Duffield to deal with debris that had fouled the line after last night's mini tornado. Very useful as the line was obstructed in many places.
The dmu team had another day shunting stock to allow for various vehicles to be in place for winter maintenance and modification.
The Booking Hall continued to process on line bookings that seem to bode well for the Jazz train and Santa.
Another couple of videos from across the pond! - Metra trains with two angles - more electric trains and the interior of a long established station

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Progress Wednesday 8th October 2014

Dear all
The day has been wet, wet, wet destroying all but the most motivated will to live but our teams have battled on. The PWT have been dealing with a drainage channel from their newly relaid Road 1 to the sough that runs under the station yard at Wirksworth. The dmu team of two shunted vehicles to the Car Park Siding for roof sand blasting over the new couple of days.
This has all been undertaken within the environment of three potential customers two of which have crystallised into one revenue earner as shown in the photo and another who has booked 10 days of testing with us.
I am most grateful to the dmu team of Mike and Joe who looked after our potential test customer with a whole line tour and then moved onto our sounds customer who turned out to be recording for model railway authentic noises and train simulator use.
The Booking Hall contined to process Jazz and Chips bookings along with a pleasant steady influx of Santa bookings.
We also welcomed a visitor from the Midsomer Norton project who was quite surprised at the amount of activity on a cold, wet Wednesday.
Quite a splendid day given the conditions.
More excitements for you:- - may be a different dmu? - something different?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Progress Tuesday 7th October 2014

Dear all
A wet, miserable, start to the day that gradually evolved into quite a pleasant, if cold, afternoon. The service was supported by the EVRA shop and Model Railway and was, quite surprisingly, well supported. The whole line was track patrolled through the day and our regular customer visited to recallibrate their "walking sticks". The DST concentrated on the couplings of Henry Ellison and drained the water as the locomotive is prepared for the winter, No 3 was cleaned and prepared for its last outing at the Model Railway Weekend.
The PWT, as illustrated, concentrated in restoring the track past the former dust dock back to use by jacking and packing in the traditional way. The LMSCA moved their staging to the west side of the BTO so they can tend to the gutters on that side of the vehicle. Preparations were made to reglaze two cracked windows on the coach and prepare the north end for weather proofing.
The dmu team continued in their quest to recover parts from one of the newly arrived "Bubble Cars" that will be a stores vehicle that can be reused on the PWT vehicle.
The Pullman team entertained our Afternoon Tea customers as well as today's passengers and the Booking Hall at Wirksworth dealt with our passengers, undertook a limited Santa mailout to local schools and worked at the structure of the 2015 programme.
Another good day.
Two videos today showing yet more of Chicago and a dress rehearsal for the new terminal to be provided at Wirksworth over the next couple of years:-
A little more of The Loop -
Wirksworth in 2016 -

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 5th of October 2014

Dear all,

A very pleasant sylvan day here in the valley. Our passengers pottered happily around and our enterprise was much admired.

Down the yard the Austerity Team addressed their newly re-wheeled charge and the EVRA carriages received further welding work.

Around the station paint was applied to several items by Jenkins Industries and the Dust Dock wall also had some more magnolia put on it by Purves the Pole, much to the entertainment of our diners.

All the best,

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Saturday 4th October 2014

It may have been a wet start but it did not stop a steady stream of visitors to our railway who enjoyed a  trip to Duffield behind  class 122 Bubble 55006 and then a trip up the incline behind the newly repainted Derby lightweight IRIS , after which many enjoyed the warmth of the Pullman Buffet.
We also had a Drivers apprentice and his son who thoroughly enjoyed  the experience of shadowing our staff as they prepared the units for the day ahead and could not praise the railway enough for the warm welcome and friendliness of our staff. The EVRA  enjoyed steady business and  the Model railway was open for all to enjoy'
Down the yard it was very quiet as most of the Dmu team attended the Dmu convention at the Llangollen railway.
The 8f group concentrated their efforts on milling and drilling the brake equipment for the Austerity steam locomotive ( The Duke ).
The LMSCA held their  Annual general meeting in the training room which was well attended.
All in all a enjoyable day was had by all.

ATB  John Evans

Friday, 3 October 2014

Progress Report Friday the 3rd of October 2014

Dear all,

A rather chilly start but otherwise a pleasant enough October day here in Wirksworth. We entertained four driver experience guests using the Bubble Car this morning and the class 31 this afternoon.

In the car park the newly sandblasted EVRA SK (second class corridor) coach was sheeted over by our world famous sheeters and a number of seats were removed for upholstering.

Around the station the Model Railway staff were busy expanding the circulating space in their empire, and nearby the Station Foremen were having a creative moment with the Trent Barton North Pole.

All the best,

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Progress Thursday 2nd October 2014

Dear all
The PWT having been tackling one of the many demands on their time which has been the flooding of a bungalow on The Hannages where we are a conduit of water off the hillside to the Hannages Brook. Today's excercise was to remove spoil removed from the water course and dispose in an area that could accept the material so today's photo is of the first load en route.A first picture of muck shifting for the record.
Sand blasting of the two EVRA coaches continued to conclusion and the dmu team has been trying to resolve an earth fault on the Class 119 which is proving quite a challenge. They also have started to sort out and recover parts from one of the two new arrivals which will become a stores vehicle so that the Permanent Way "Bubble Car" has a sporting chance of being returned to operation.
The Booking Hall has been in planning mode for the 2015 timetable brochure and it was good to learn that the East Midlands Trains Matlock - Nottingham service will be largely unchanged in the new year but will probably offer new opportunities for us by being extended to and from Newark.
PS - I was asked today "where are the freight trains" and here they are:-
and rush hour electric trains which seem to have a form of permissive block!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Progress Wednesday 1st October 2014

Dear all
We enter the final quarter of 2014 with much achieved in our empire. The EVRA SK and SO received treatment from the sand blaster who removed decades of paint from these vehicles as shown in the attached photo. This process is an obvious improvement over hours of paint scraping. The LCC cleansed 79900 Iris and tended to many aspects of this year's Santa programme.
The PWT set off to Shottle to empty the RUDD in an area that will strengthen our embankments, loaded up coping stones that will be used to bolster the sough created to protect a neighbour's house from flooding and moved the Mess Hut from its location opposite Shottle station platform and is now temporarily resident at Wirksworth prior to being located to support the repairs to bridge DJW17 near Barnsley Lane. A further 20 garden quality sleepers were moved to Wirksworth for sale.
We satisfactorily entertained a customer at Idridgehay and the LMSCA gently continued with their Stanier coach restorations. The Booking Hall summarised the on line bookings for September which indicates we are off to a flying start to this year's Santa season.
There are two American delights for those of you who appreciate that sort of thing:-