Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Progress Wednesday 3rd September 2014

Dear all
This was the last of our Wednesday service days and it was enlivened by a party from the Treso Retired Staff Association who enjoyed their train journey and the lunch in the Pullman. The service worked as planned and John Ball deserves thanks for working throughout the day as Guard. The intensive service througout the summer has depended on a relatively small number of enthusiastic train crew members so that no services were lost from lack of staff.
The PWT, who are illustrated, and feature in the accompanying masterpiece gradually reached the final phase of the crossover installation. The LMSCA also moved steadily forward as the east side of the BTO was readied for painting in undercoat. The dmu team concentrated on oiling and greasing 51505 and the SBT emerged from holidays to finnish the top coat of the picket fence. Duffield enjoyed a cut of its two lawns yesterday which are much admired by our visitors.
The Booking Halls had a good day with Wirksworth being the champion and the Pullman Buffet Car played its part in our general achievement.
A little diversion involving fire
And a fantastic piece of film from a Blubell Railway link - not everyones taste in music but I loved it!