Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Progress Wednesday 6th August 2014

Dear all
A day of very mixed weather that didn't seem to inhibit a splendid number of passengers after yesterday's rather disappointing numbers. The service worked well with the Bubble Car on our Duffield trains and a two car set on the Ravenstor service. The train crew were supported by the EVRA shop and there was much continued preparation for the coming Multiple Memories weekend with frenetic washing, fuelling and attention by the LCC to the interiors.
The PWT were out in force at Shottle with today's photo illustrating the Shottle South Junction Ground Frame that now locks the points in the correct direction of travel with much energy being put into the signal wiring run that will allow the Shottle UP Starter to be activated from the frame. The PWT also worked at the finishing touches to the platform project that links the platform to the new entrance/exit steps. Miss Bell seems to have been captivated by all the activity with her man tidying up her fencing so that it is sparkling for Saturday's opening.
It was good to welcome David Foale from the Bluebell Railway who acted as their Finance Director for 33 years before handing the post on this year. On the mundane side of our enterprise a scrap skip has been installed at Wirksworth that hopefully will produce better results than the previous contractor. Every non ferrous item deposited in this new facility diminishes the result so please don't use the new skip as a repository for your domestic cast offs, unless they are metal!
The Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield had a most satisfactory day with the Pullman Buffet Car weighing in a respectable performance.
PS - a short video illustrating the Bubble Car passing Shottle South Junction