Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Progress Wednesday 27th August 2014

Dear all
The day brightened up and became quite warm as afternoon emerged which seemed to influence a well supported service that also saw the EVRA shop opened.
There was much endeavour by the PWT as the fortnightly track patrol was completed but much effort put into the new Wirksworth crossover. Two 20ft timbers were inserted to the south end of the crossover to accommodate the lever frame and road 1 had most of its chairs screwed down. To insert the timbers involved removing two rails on Road 2 and reinserting them at the end of the exercise. Quite and achievement by the team.
The photos show the Mark 1 SO having new steel work inserted and the remarkable achievement by Ben Field to put some authentic lining on the dmu support coach.
The LCC moved into Santa mode by finding amongst her treasures most of what is needed for the lucky dips planned for the new weekday Santa trains planned for this year. The dmu team changed a defective water pump on 51505 to good effect.
The Booking Halls at Duffield and Wirksworth had a productive day but the spend in the Pullman Buffet Car was somewhat dismal.
Our hearts were gladdened by a party using the 1615 Wirksworth to Duffield to commence their journey to London and the boarding of the 1515 Duffield to Wirksworth service at Idridgehay by a couple, a German and Dutch national, who had based their walking holiday in Wirksworth because of our train service that allowed for walking and train rides. Again we must be doing something right!
Tonight sees the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company to deal with those kind souls who leave their shareholding to the enterprise upon departure to the great Railway in the sky.