Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Progress Wednesday 20th August 2014

Dear all
A splendid day where we welcomed a goodly number of passengers to our services which were supported by the train crew and EVRA shop. Today's photo shows the steam crane in action some time ago as the machine is evaluated for departure from our enterprise. A delightful piece of equipment that needs a good home as its continued operation with us is just not viable. It is a classic case of something that should be demonstrated to a wider world but is beyond us at the present time.
The PWT continued with work on the crossover with further chairs screwed down and also accomplished the servicing of the ground frames at Wirksworth. The dmu team created new combinations, readied one vehicle for the weekend's steam operations and positioned the 3 Car set for the ministrations of the LCC. The LCC included the Training Room in her attack on the Railway's inner cleanliness.
Richard Preedy conducted his crusade on the weeds that invade our track at Gorsey Bank, around the Wash Green crossover and the Ravenstor station area down to the Cromford Road bridge. All done by backpack and spray which will lead to a full dose of embrocation tonight.
The LMSCA continued with their rush to complete the BTO and TO with further steel work on the south end of the BTO, the gangway connection and boarding out the Third Open.
The Pullman Buffet Car and the Booking Halls had a most satisfactory day tending to many happy customers.
PS I tended to a visitor that turned out to be the owner of the house shown in the background of the "Escape to Wirksworth" poster shown at some East Midlands Trains stations including the Booking Hall at St Pancras. She bought two copies of the poster to present to her sons and rejoices under the name Jean Crapper. You couldn't make it up.