Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Progress Tuesday 26th August 2014

Well hello,

The usual busy Tuesday which started off quite damp and miserable but ended up not too bad.

The passenger service pottered up and down happily with support from the Booking Office's and the EVRA shop. The Buffet served a large amount of Afternoon Tea's to many happy customers as well as tending to the thirsts of other passengers. Having received voucher expiry e-mails, the phone began ringing once again with people trying to redeem their Amazon vouchers.

Fred and Iris were in action again giving the Mess Room a going over and also tending to one or two saggy plants on the platform (it all makes a difference!).

The LMSCA were out in force and great progress is being made on both of their coaches. The Third Open is nearly paneled inside already!

The DST were also out in force steaming No.3 for a test which seemed to be quite successful.

Track patrols were the order of the day for the P Way team and Rodney removed lots of ash that had accumulated at Duffield.

The DMU team had an unusual sort of day which started off with a clean of the three car from the weekend. The First Class was hoovered out and the rest of the floor mopped. They then progressed to rectify a vacuum leak on the 'bubble' which had randomly developed (turned out to be the seal on the Auto Feed Valve), before moving on to further progress on the support coach.

More trains tomorrow and Thursday and the weather outlook is better. Just a reminder as well that our popular Tunes and Chips event is coming up on the 6th. This year we have a different band in the form of Acorn Roots who play 60s and 70s music. I would recommend booking if you fancy this and tickets can be purchased in advance online at www.e-v-r.com/shop or pop in to the Booking Office at Wirksworth.

A busy day!