Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Progress Tuesday 12th August 2014

Dear all
The LMSCA continue to stride forward with both their TO and BTO. The two photos show the interior of the TO as it displays the roof insulation and panelling installed and the gutter modifications on the BTO designed to eradicate water ingress which was a failure of Stanier's original design. I know I should wash my mouth out now but he didn't get everything quite right!
The service today enjoyed satisfactory custom and was supported by the EVRA shop and the Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield.
Fred & Iris made their welcome Tuesday visit that prevents the Mess Hall from getting out of hand and David gave the Three Phase box at the head of the station approach a further treatment of undercoat. There was much shuffling of dmus and the fitted van that featured to good effect on Friday's photo charter so that everything gained their right place. The photo charter props were also returned to their original position awaiting another starring role in the future.
The DST concentrated on miscellaneous repairs to No3 after last week's boiler inspection and Doug Futter returned to L J Breeze that needs a set of new fan belts.He removed one for sizing by a specialist fan belt supplier.
The PWT decamped again to Shottle with a general tidy up there, construction of a platform for the south ground frame and the beginnings of an ash based walking route from Shottle station to the frame. Track patrols of the whole line were also undertaken.
The Pullman Buffet Car enjoyed another day of very satisfied Afternoon Tea customers together with our passengers and "off the street" customers. The Passenger Department had a lengthy and constructive meeting that is an essential part of our forward planning - Christmas is just around the corner!
Yesterday's unreported endeavours included a welcome whole line weed treatment run, the VCT working on fencing issues south of Hazelwood and flailing north of Shottle and my thanks go out to all involved.
PS We wish Derek Glynn of the LMSCA, after more knee surgery, a speedy return to active service as the work rate has declined during his absence!