Thursday, 7 August 2014

Progress Thursday 7th August 2014

Dear all
Today's service produced successful results and my thanks go to the train crew, the EVRA Shop and the Model Railway for delivering all that was required to delight our customers. The dmu team continued their great cleaning project that even included three milk churns that were pressure washed for their role in cameos for tomorrow's photo charters. All the rolling stock is now in position and last minute running repairs to 55006 will ensure the first day of the Multiple Memories Weekend will get off to a flying start.
The PWT had a good tidy up day at Shottle for the grand opening on Saturday with all stock placed in the sidings and a clear run loop road. Further progress was also made with the footpath connecting the platform to the new entrance and exit steps. David N has largely completed the new structure that protects our 3 phase electrical supply from interference as it enters our site at Wirksworth. My thanks go out to him for resolving a problem that might have come to bite us.
The Pullman Buffet Car responded magnificently to a sudden illness of chef Martin and delivered to our VIP Luncheon customers and today's Driver's Apprentice guests.
The Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield had a satisfactory day and at Wirksworth there were preliminary discussions that will lead to the launch of this year's Santa products. This, as I am sure you realise, all seems most unreal on a bright sunny, warm day.
Today's photo is of Iris with her fitted van that will form part of tomorrow's tableau - should be a great day.
Bob Gibbens has been touting for business at Foxfield!
"Could you extend an invitation to all EVR members' including your self of course' to have a ride on Foxfield's Victorian train. It will only be running this weekend with two coaches that were built at Stoke works about 1878 the two locos we shall use are also 1870 vintage.  We have located a brake coach at Rudyard and are negotiating to buy it until then we have painted a BV up in notty colours to use with the train you  may recognise the BV as it came from Wirksworth" ( It is our "Shark" which seemed to have significant flats! but may not be a problem at low speeds")