Thursday, 21 August 2014

Progress Thursday 21st August 2014

Dear all
Today Joe and Jake celebrated the collection of their excellent GCSE results and are pictured looking suitably smug. Our young volunteers have done extremely well in 2014 with the infiltration of RVEL, Nemesis Rail and Bombardier. All have benefited from the advice and guidance provided by the more senior members of our team and all should be congratulated for crossing the age divide that ensures we have a viable future.
Today's service worked well supported by the EVRA shop and all entertained a number of pleasant customers and today's driver's apprentice. There was a test lift of Cathryn's boiler that proved successful so the lump has now departed for Israel Newton's works for eventual renovation. This left behind the firebox which will require removal by the Komatsu when it returns from Shottle. This is all part of the plot to provide space for a new line alongside the Maintenance Facility which will eventually be covered as funds permit.
There was a joint effort to try and resolve L J Breeze's reluctance to change direction. All the team retired hurt as the machine would not misbehave to reveal the source of this problem.
New handrails were fitted to the EVRA shop and the dmu team fitted a new compressor to 50170, fuelled vehicles for the weekend and shunted all necessary vehicles including preparing the steam loco's trailer car.
The PWT had a relaxing day as they serviced the Ground Frames at Duffield and adjusted the facing point locks at Wash Green. A specialist track chair was recovered from Duffield to be installed on the relocated crossover at Wirksworth.
PS - today's photo was supplied by Leigh and shows Joe and Jake basking in their achievements after dashing into school prior to attending to their Railway duties.