Sunday, 31 August 2014

Progress Sunday the 31st of August

Evening All,

In the absence of a higher power I thought I would bring you tonight's report. The higher power currently being on Darley Park listening to the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain.

Meanwhile back at the railway, the passenger service bobbled up and down happily all day. Only once finding itself slightly surprised by a fallen tree at Hazelwood, they took all in their stride though.

Around the station the passenger department could be found moving trolleys, painting fences, containers and themselves.

In the yard the painting theme continued as the DMU support coach received more undercoat. Further welding and grinding work took place on this vehicle to keep the weather out.

On the opposite side of the yard alone (I think) T.Dale continued the herculean task of restoring the MK1 fleet.

The Booking Hall and EVRA shop shook the wallets of our visitors and the Buffet entertained further afternoon tea guests.

I think that's about all apologies if I have missed anyone out. A quietly productive day.


PS Normal reporting will resume next week.