Sunday, 3 August 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 3rd of August 2014

Dear all,

A very pleasant day along the valley, sunny and bright with a gentle breeze to keep the heat off. We pottered up and down with our passengers, a Driver's Apprentice and our lunch guests.

Down the yard the LMSCA loaded some steelwork for the repair of the Royal Saloon; the Austerity Team enjoyed an afternoon of scraping and
painting, and the SO received some welding.

The DMU Team occupied themselves with final prep work and an exam on the newly out-shopped Iris, which was deposited resplendent in platform 1
for the admiration of all concerned. Brassington Field was engaged in fault finding on unit 55006, and on the construction of a replacement set of steps for access to the DMU support coach, whose previous steps had strangely succumbed to Costa Rican Flying Woodworm this morning.

Back at the station, Cooke Enterprises, having fed the goat, completed the undercoating of the final section of the platform shelter, and only a short moment remains before this exemplary project is brought to a successful conclusion. Also on the painting front, JCB Purves addressed the front of the Booking Hall following several recent repairs, and then went on to some of the woodwork on platform 2, where our supply of spectacularly rubbish Cuprinol Fence Paint was strengthened by the addition of used engine oil, thus providing a fence preservative almost as effective as creosote but not quite as smelly.

All the best,