Friday, 22 August 2014

Progress Report Friday the 22nd of August 2014

Dear all,

A pleasant enough day for pottering around in which we hosted three
guests for the Railcar Driver Experience.

Down the yard the LMSCA pottered along with their BTO, this time mainly
involving work on the exterior panelling, much the same being true of the EVRA carriages.

The station staff spent the day fixing recalcitrant gates, both at the
main entrance and on platform two. JCB Purves, together with temporary
part-time casual Undergardener Perkins, wore the strimmer down to a nub and then mowed the wideway, before the workshop lawn was also mowed. The usual pre-event activities of timetable printing, cone setting,
cleaning, polishing and bin emptying took place, and the Duffield staff engaged themselves in some flowery moments.

All the best,