Friday, 1 August 2014

Progress Report Friday the 1st August 2014

Dear all,

Following a brief dry start during which our gold steam experience guest arrived, we almost managed to get several productive tasks dealt with before the rain started thundering on the Mess Room roof.

The LMSCA certainly got their newly fitted carriage vents tested and painting commenced on what appeared to be gutters. Painting also proceeded on the platform 2/3 waiting shelter, in the hands of Cooke

The Booking Hall yielded to the ever ringing phone on the inside and the
sound of the drill on the outside, where the Station Foreman contributed some cosmetic planking to cover the recently appeared vast hole, vast in the sense that it has been filled several times already and now we've decided just to cover it up.

The class 31 travelled down the line to startle the residents of Duffield and the workshop area was mown ready for the weekend.

All the best,