Friday, 15 August 2014

Progress Report Friday the 15th of August 2014

Dear all,

A curious day of running around dealing with titular small fires needing to be put out using the Duty Manager's intellectual bucket. In between swinging the bucket, the Duty Manager, passing quickly round the site on a slightly frayed flying carpet, noted that the LMSCA were restoring the final section of the roof of the BTO as well as dealing with the
interior wood panelling of the Third Open; that our diesel and steam experience guests appeared to be enjoying themselves; that JCB Purves had been near the CHPR water carrier with a paint brush, and indeed the
Station Foreman (University of Nottingham) had also been near the station lamps with a paint brush; that the Station Foreman (University
of Solid Footwear) had fixed the Ladies Door, tidied up the area round
the narrow gauge tunnel, removed an excess sign from Shottle, assisted
by JCB Purves had filled a number of car park potholes, trimmed various bushes in the area of the car park retaining wall and finally gone to
Ravenstor to clear the platform of detritus. Meanwhile, back in the
Booking Hall, Field Publishing had written an entire DMU manual and exterminated a strawberry trifle.

All the best,