Monday, 4 August 2014

Progress Monday 4th August 2014

Dear all,

Shall we start with a really bad joke? Today too many Cooke's didn't spoil the broth… Cooke Jnr and Cooke Snr completed the repaint of the shelter on Platform 2/3 including the hanging platform numbers and cleaning out the lenses for the lamps. Meanwhile Mrs Cooke cleaned a grand total of 4 vehicles ready for the coming days. This included a grand clean down of the interior or Iris following the stint in the shed. Fred and Iris made a surprise Monday appearance and fumigated the mess room.

The VCT assisted with a request from a neighbour as well as put up some more fencing in the vicinity of Hazelwood.

The Booking Office had a good day with much product development and planning for this coming weekend, which sees our first ever DMU Photo Charter, pre-bookable online.