Monday, 18 August 2014

Progress Monday 18th August 2014

Well hello,

A blustery day but it was sunny. We welcomed a test customer for a satisfactory 1530 test as they were ably assisted by MKT. MKT also carried out an inspection of pointwork in the yard inbetween dealing with the customer.

The Booking Office continued to deal with Amazon enquiries as well as other general admin, including tickets for the increasingly busy Tunes and Chips evening. Plumbing was very much a theme today with the defective Mess Room tea boiler being swapped out for another alternative and a defective on/off valve on the water heater being dismantled and put back together. There's no knowing why this fixes a fault, it just does. Attention was turned to a leak on the water heater in the Ladies, only to find that the all important plastic flux gromet which sits inside the pipe had mysteriously disappeared without a trace which has ultimately caused the leak. I don't think these components are collectors items so it is a mystery. Fred and Iris also popped in to give the Mess Room a clean.

'Bout it really. Very pleasant.