Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Progress Wednesday 4th June 2014

Dear all
A wet and miserable day that held much for our enterprise with the presence on site of a large team of British Transport Police and a most delightful test customer from Northern Ireland. The Police completed their two day exercise leaving with much praise for the ability to freely conduct their exercise and enjoy the delights of the Pullman's bacon butties. The customer was equally pleased that their considerable investment resulted in an approval for their trailer by Atkins and Network Rail equally appreciating they could refuel in the Buffet.
The machine ensemble is pictured together with the hard working LMSCA team who had been reconfiguring their SK to seat 64 passengers rather than 48 by devising and fitting a four a side seat numbering system.
The very small PWT, some 2 and one half people, managed to lay out 28 crossing timbers for the Road 2 pointwork in addition to patrolling the Ravenstor line. Not a bad achievement at all!
The bogies of Iris have been degreased ready for painting and reassembly of the first class area in 50253 commenced.
The Pullman Buffet Car enjoyed a busy day and the Booking Hall managed to stay sane as the never ceasing phone rang with Tea and Luncheon bookings.
All in all a most productive day that ended with a further three days testing booked in.
PS It has been pointed out that Allison was not sowing but sewing yesterday!
PPS The accompanying video shows a little of today's testing but not the secret bits.