Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Progress Wednesday 25th June 2014

Dear all
Without doubt today's story is all about Shottle. The SBT and PWT joined forces to erect the first ever full sized semaphore signal to be seen on our Railway and the first of the stone fill for the platform was "wackered" dealing with some 20 tones of limestone. Lots more to do tomorrow!. The signal has been prepared from the equipment donated from the Bletchley Model Railway Club who were evicted from their premises at Bletchley Park as that project reorganised. We are not sure where the signal post originated from but it does add a certain grace to our enterprise.
Back at base the LCC was in action including a Hoover up in the Booking Hall and her loyal assistants, husband and son, continued with the refurbishment of the waiting shelter on Platforms 2 & 3.
A two man dmu team restored the gearbox to 50170 reporting much satisfactory progress and the Pullman Buffet Car had a modest day but served a few visitors from the USA who were also encouraged to by a products from the Booking Hall.
The Booking Hall continued to deal with Amazon enquires for lunches and teas together with today's passing trade.
Another good day.