Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Progress Tuesday 24th June 2014

Dear all
Quite a busy day that was mostly sunny but developed into rain this afternoon. Our main thrust today was an extremely busy service necessitating three cars for the 1115 Duffield to Wirksworth to accommodate a coach company booking and a group from Derbyshire Sight Support. The team mobilised to ensure all our passengers were made welcome and enjoyed the delights of the EVRA shop and Model Railway. These passengers were swelled by a goodly number of visitors to Wirksworth station and there was a happy atmosphere as the station platforms filled up.
The Pullman Buffet Car catered for Derbyshire Sight Support who lunched with us and their Afternoon Tea customers together with our passengers and visitors to good effect.
Down at Duffield the team there grouped to pull weeds on the main line platform in between our own services and there was further tidying and weed treatment in the station area. The dmu team participated in much shunting and removing a defective gearbox form 50170. The PWT dealt with a dropped joint south of Wash Green which required digging out contaminated ballast, jacking and packing and reballasting to hold the track in place. The team also assembled a train of some length ready to depart for Shottle in the morning with all the requisite materials for a major purge there.
The DST reported that they have started reassembling Cathryn and treating the paintwork on Henry Ellison following the fitting a steam carriage warming to the locomotive. One of our photos shows another unsung hero in the shape of Stuart Barton who controls our machine shop and is working away at the horn guides for Cathryn. Stuart has many demands on his time machining parts for locos, coaches and dmus on the equipment very kindly donated by Rolls Royce.
The other photo shows the work being undertaken by the LMSCA on their BTO. I was told that the vehicle was originally intended as a support coach fro 71000 Duke of Gloucester but that project ceased after wooden framed coaches were banned from the main line. The coach end was replaced but the modification was not water tight hence the remedial work being undertaken.
The SBT completed the installation of the platform drainage channel following the purchase of more material from Twiggs as they prepare themselves for the next two days of intense activity to fill the platform ready for tarmacing.
Freda & Iris gladdened the heart as they tended to the Mess Hall and Wirksworth's station flower displays. Richard P continued his war on any weed emerging in the wrong place within the Wirksworth complex.
The Booking Halls were in go mode to serve today's passengers and I can report that the coffers filled after a most satisfactory day.
PS - anyone who can help at Shottle will be made most welcome - please bring a rake with you!