Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Progress Tuesday 17th June 2014

Dear all
Today's photo is from the past when the platform was constructed to accommodate the Museum Coach and the team involved including the late renowned Vince the Elder.
The day included Fred and Iris giving the Mess Hall their customary deep clean and the PWT continued their endeavours to restore Road 2 in the area of the new crossover. We had a most successful service day that nearly overwhelmed our two car set where crush commuting was replicated on one journey with a spectacular 167 passengers. The service was supported by the EVRA shop and Model Railway with thanks to those involved.
The DST prepared No3 for Friday's experience day and continued with Cathryn reporting much painting, welding and drilling. The LMSCA fitted the southern gangway connection to the TO and progressed the interior ceiling of the vehicle. We said goodbye to one of their team who is returning to his roots in Wimbourne, Dorset and he departed with all our good wishes.
The BTO of the LMSCA fleet began to have attention to its roof and the dmu team washed both their two car sets. Track patrols were out and about yesterday and today fitted in between our ever busier schedule.
Attention was given to the air conditioning in the Pullman First and Second Opens just when we thought that this may not be possible due to the age of the vehicles and the gases involved.
The Pullman Buffet Car was tested by some 28 Afternoon Tea customers together with a group of 26 having a light lunch but, needless to say, they delivered all that was required with great style.
The Booking Halls served all today's customers with a most satisfactory result for the bank. The day was dull and a little chilly but provided all our visitors with a pleasant day out.