Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Progress Tuesday 10th June 2014

Dear all
Today's photos show a part of our enterprise rarely featured and the PWT continuing with the installation of the newly located crossover. The Station Garage are our tenants providing a useful income to the Railway and are to be commended for their service and relatively economical rates. The second photo shows rail cutting for the crossover installation where measurements have to be precise when you consider each 60ft length of rail now costs some £420 and a wasted cut can be quite expensive!
Fred & Iris returned to the challenge of a Mess Hall after 7 days of activity although Doug Futter had spend some considerable time washing up the pots from the weekend this morning demonstrating that some of our team have no shame or consideration for the welfare of their colleagues! Our service today was extremely well supported with Driver Beale being challenged by the operation of both the Ravenstor and Duffield services. The service was supported by the EVRA shop and Pullman Buffet Car that also had the Tuesday quota of Afternoon Tea reservations. All participants seem to have a most rewarding experience.
The dmu team of one concentrated on L J Breeze to try and ensure its continued availability in advance of more serious surgery to one of its injectors. A new firm from Ashbourne experimented with a new form of Road/Rail Access Point receiving helpful advice and guidance from our Road/Rail operator. The DST started the long process of reassembling Cathryn following Stuart's machining of horn guides. The driver experience locomotives were cleaned and tests were made of using a pressure washer for this purpose. The 8F's TSO received paint to its recently prepared roof and the LMSCA concentrated on their TO fitting roof hops and side rails. This will allow a new ceiling to be fitted in the fullness of time. The M1M tended to the replacement of a damaged toilet window and new wiring in their SK.
The Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield had a most productive day with Wirksworth dealing with luncheon bookings and a Drive a Diesel Day. A satisfactory banking was the product of all this activity.