Thursday, 19 June 2014

Progress Thursday 19th June 2014

Dear all
Today's photo shows the glamorous side of heritage railways - drains. The PWT and the ever useful Komatsu exposed and graded the bank adjacent to our neighbour on the Hannages as part of our efforts to reduce his flood risk. A rather futile gesture as the neighbour has rather a lot of work to resolve his part of the problem but it is now done although there is rather a lot of muck to be shifted at some time in the future.
Our customer had day two of the course for their customers and seemed content with our part in their studies. The dmu team became multi purpose today as they supervised the fuelling of the Class 31 and positioned it on the loco hauled coaches ready for Saturday. Mike Jacob reassembled the sanders on the Class 33 which had been removed to facilitate its loading after journeying to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway and Mike Evans had a purge on roof leaks on 50599, 51188 and 59303. The team also berthed their fleet out of the way for tomorrow's steam experience day and the upcoming diesel weekend together with preparing the trailer car for the Ravenstor services.
Down at Duffield there was some weeding and pruning to prevent paint damage during the loco hauled run rounds. Michael Perkins and Callum serviced the loco hauled stock ensuring the toilet tanks were topped up so, again, we are ready for the weekend.
The Booking Hall dealt with the ever growing administration of forward bookings and the Pullman Buffet Car looked after our customers for lunch and visitors that required a little refreshment.
All in all, a good day.