Sunday, 22 June 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 22nd of June 2014

Dear all,

Today provided the culmination of a deeply pleasant weekend of diesel boggling, up and down the valley. The weather was delightful, the pace leisurely but on time and the passengers happy. After a morning of ritual carriage window cleaning we despatched an evenly loaded first service and this continued for the rest of the day. The picture attached shows yesterday's activity at Duffield.

The Duty Conscript was presented with a pair of loppers and the school path to sort out, and this has improved it no end. The Theme of Prunes, as opposed to the Game of Thornes, also continued at Duffield.

There was no report from the shed today as the DMU Team have been attending the Llangollen DMU Mardi Gras and Pride in the Valley event.
The chief DMU superintendent celebrated the Silence of the Tools by
going on a short refreshing walk of a mere several miles to the Middleton Top Sheep Wash Festival.

Progress continued to rectify the Air Con of the Pullman set and now that working class has been successfully dealt with, upper class will be addressed in more detail tomorrow.

JCB Purves had a dedicated afternoon of total painting, managing to use almost the entire contents of the paint store normally kept for Painting Emergencies in the back of the Passenger Department Clio.

All the best,