Sunday, 1 June 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 1st of June 2014

Dear all,

A wonderful warm sunny day here in the Peak. We pottered around with passengers and Pullman guests, and the station looked busy with people sat around watching the trains go by.

The yard was a hive of activity with work being done on the LMSCA SK
carriage floor, and this vehicle is now setting the standard which we would hope to achieve in all our hauled stock. Nearby a vast amount of painting took place on both mainline locomotives, in the case of the 31 in Locomotive Green and in the case of the 33 in Rail Blue. Painting also took place on the solebar of Iris the Railcar and her new paint job is very wonderful to behold.

The DMU team occupied themselves with wide ranging tasks from valve replacements to 55006, to work on 50253's blinds, doors, door backs and droplights.

Back at the station the most strenuous efforts were made to get on top of the mowing, lest it become impossible to find the station in the undergrowth, and the guerilla gardeners overlooked our work in the
picnic area, and on the Ballast Dock ramp. This work spread as far as
the down side of Wash Green where the point rodding was stripped of a large amount of clematis and other greenery which was impeding the
efficient working of that fine hand-crafted machinery.

Stokes Enterprises accompanied the mowing with some work on the station mobile phone network.

All the best,