Friday, 27 June 2014

Progress Report Friday the 27th of June 2014

Dear all,

A slightly damp Friday saw us handling a number of Drive a Diesel guests including some of our friends from Trent Barton. Down the yard, the DMU team sorted their way through assorted DMU challenges, and the LMSCA carried on with the rebuild of the south end of their LMS Brake Third Open (BTO).

The Booking Hall spent the day dealing with the population of Britain
whose main pastime appeared to be a determined attempt to keep the phone ringing at five minute intervals from dawn to sunset in order to prevent the staff sitting on the new chair. Meanwhile, the Station Foreman effected a multi-million pound repair to the front of the Booking Hall, involving some 3 ply, bathroom sealant and a tin of primer. Similar efforts were taking place at Duffield involving our picnic tables.

All the best,