Friday, 20 June 2014

Progress Report Friday the 20th of June 2014

Dear all,

A very pleasant warm sunny day in which we pottered around with our steam experience guests and various other visitors brought out by the sunny weather.

The main thrust of the day was carriages and the LMSCA exercised their parts around the site as well as making final readiness checks to their SK and BSK for the Diesel Weekend tomorrow and Sunday.

The Passenger Department strove to field further Amazon bookings and
dealt with event related preparations for the weekend, as well as tidying up Ravenstor after yesterdays all night international rave, which appears to have involved tearing up a couple of school books and having a cup of tea. The youth of today. At least they don't carve their names in our seats with a penknife like their raving granddads did.

Work continued to being the Pullman air con on line and the second class
is now an island of chill in a sea of humidity.

Down the line, the Foremen fitted some handrails at Shottle and the
staff at Duffield weeded their way around the site so that our fine pair of diesels can be seen in their full glory.

All the best,